chevy silverado her horse commercial
Vimeo: jack crifasi

This Chevy Silverado Commercial Was Made for All the Cowgirls Out There


It's rare that commercials can stir the soul so deeply, but this Chevy truck commercial strikes right at the heart of every cowgirl.

Horseback riders are tough. We're independent, we're strong, and we're dependable. We participate in a sport where our partner weighs 1,200 pounds and has a mind of his own. We're up before dawn to care for our horses and can work a full day outside, no matter the weather. Riders aren't afraid of dirt, hard work, or pain. We're dedicated and we're a little bit wild. And that's where this truck commercial hits home.

You have to admit, Chevy's did a great job with this commercial, which first aired back in 2013. The videography is stunning, and riders - particularly barrel racers - are portrayed as being independent and strong. Rather than being marketed to men, this commercial is made just for us - the women, the riders, the cowgirls!

Take a look - the commercial is beautiful.


So, are you ready to go out and buy a truck now? If you'll be hauling your horse on your own, it's a good idea to make sure that you're always using a dependable truck. Make sure to inspect both your vehicle and your trailer before setting out on any trip, no matter how short. Always perform a basic safety check, including inspecting the brakes, lights, hitch, and tires before loading up and getting on your way.

If you do decide to go shopping for a new vehicle, you'll need to make sure that any trucks you look at can handle the weight of your loaded trailer. Find out the weight of your trailer empty, then consider the weight of each of the horses (and the equipment) that it would be holding. Only look at trucks which are rated to pull well above that weight - otherwise you could find yourself in a situation where your truck cannot stop or control the weight of the trailer behind it.

Have a great time hitting the road with your horse!


This post was originally published on March 20, 2020.

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