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YouTube: Demolition Ranch

Demolition Ranch Shoots at Tire Boot for Badass Video


Have you ever been in the unfortunate situation where you come back to your parked car only to find that you now have a parking ticket and a metal boot on the wheel? It's never ideal, however, Matt with Demolition Ranch was on a mission to find a new way to remove this device from your vehicle. Many people have tried ripping these contraptions off, but they're usually unsuccessful. Luckily, Demo Ranch doesn't exactly do things the traditional way. Now, before we go further, we should probably state the obvious: Don't try this at home. This is just purely an entertaining experiment. Don't get any ideas!

So, Matt's goal was to find out if you can shoot the boot enough times to make it just fall off, and more importantly, avoid shooting the tire so you can actually drive off. In all honesty, regardless if it works or not, these metal boots usually get put on cars in city areas, so the likelihood that you could just open fire on it without getting arrested is pretty slim. But, hey, the object was to see if it's even just possible to blast your way out of the clamp.

May tries out a wide variety of guns and ammo, ranging from pistols, shotguns, and rifles. While some bullets did manage to puncture the metal, overall, it stayed pretty snug on the wheel. I will say I'm impressed with how many shots he got off before he managed to strike the tire and pop it. Once he breaks out the AK47, he absolutely unloads on it, but he still finds himself defeated by the boot, and ends up shooting his radiator in the process.


All in all, maybe this isn't the most effective method for removing a metal boot, and I'm pretty sure you'd have an entire SWAT team on you if you actually tried this in public, anyway. So, maybe just go pay that ticket.

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