spare tire tree pulling
YouTube: Hal Brakhage

Man Removes Stump Using Ford Bronco, an Off-Road Winch, and a Spare Tire

Have a stump that needs to be removed? Turns out, there's no need to call the professionals. All you need is a strong winch, a chain, and a spare tire to get that thing out of there in no time at all. At least, that was this guy's mindset when he actually attempted it. The video above may lead you to think failure is imminent, but you'll be surprised at how well it's executed.

At first glance, his setup with his chain is enough to make you a little nervous. However, this is a man who has full confidence in his chains, because if it happened to slip off the tree stump while he was reeling it in, that could have turned into a dangerous situation. He really didn't seem too worried at all. The spare tire that he placed near the stump allows the chain to be pulled with more of an upward direction, and it works like a charm. Although it lugged down the winch at one point, it pulled cleanly out of the ground in the end.

Let's also take a moment to appreciate the beautiful blue Ford Bronco putting in some work on this afternoon. That's one hell of a rig, and the guy's winch setup certainly performed its task effectively as well. It's worth noting that this does appear to be an older stump that was cut quite a while ago. That makes this stump a little easier to get out of the ground, and I can't guarantee you'd see the same result on a fresh stump. Try it if you want, but my only piece of advice would be to use a longer winch controller, instead of standing in the same spot as this guy. That's just asking for trouble if the chain lets go.

People will surely have different opinions about his technique, but he did get the job done cleanly, and in a timely manner. The spare tire method typically works pretty well when you're looking to rip something out of the ground, and this is a great example of that.

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