redneck plunger

Redneck Plunger: The Perfect Plunger for the Outdoorsman


Those products you see on "Shark Tank" are impressive, but you haven't seen anything like this. I present to you, the Redneck Plunger. This is not your regular plunger. This real working plunger actually works and makes shotgun sounds as you plunge poo!

I don't think anyone gets excited about plunging the toilet, but everyone is going to be too eager to use this toilet plunger. If you really want to put it to use quickly, just order some Taco Bell, KFC, or McDonald's. Trust me, you'll need this thing.

Redneck Plunger

  • Pricing: $84.99
  • Perfect for white elephant parties
  • Ships from the United States

You can find the Redneck Plunger on Amazon today. It's Amazon Prime eligible, meaning Prime members can take advantage of free delivery. Add it to your wishlist today! Not only is this the perfect plunger for man caves, but it's a great gag gift. Gift this hilarious plunger to your favorite outdoorsman.


Whether your lincoln log made a stinkin' clog, or your stink won't sink, the Redneck Plunger has got you covered. Sometimes you mummify the toilet with toilet paper, and it just won't go down! No worries. You'll never have to deal with a stool that won't leave the pool ever again.

Customers love their plunger. A customer gave it a five-star rating and said, "Hilarious fun that actually works better then I ever thought it would." Another customer said, "Absolute hit of our white elephant party! It was frozen so no one could steal it from anyone else! It is like a full size shotgun but with a plunger on the end. The trigger makes a firing noise. Hilarious!"

It is a bit pricey, but gun enthusiasts (and hunters) are going to love this wacky gadget. Surely Dad can get several uses out of it.

Who needs a plumber when the Redneck Plunger exists?


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