Louisiana mudfest

Big Trucks Come out to Play at Louisiana Mudfest


Central Louisiana is the place to be for every truck-lovin', beer-drinkin', fun havin' country boy and girl when Louisiana Mudfest comes to town.

Put on by Trucks Gone Wild, Louisiana Mudfest is held at 12220-B Highway 8 in the town of Colfax (part of the Alexandria, Louisiana metropolitan area). The main stage, if you will, is the glorious mud pit, where everything from mud trucks to ATVs comes out to play.

Now, you don't technically have to roll around in the mud, so to speak, to enjoy Louisiana Mudfest. The place also offers everything from ATV riding and camping to swimming and fishing. But, just check out the below footage from last year's event, and you'll be more than a little bit tempted to fling up some mud in a lifted truck.


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Louisiana Mudfest 2020

While the COVID-19 pandemic has continued to cancel or postpone events are throughout the United States, it doesn't appear to be slowing down this year's Mudfest at all, as the festivities are still expected to take place from Thursday, August 13 -- Sunday, August 16. It'll be an extra special celebration this year, too, considering it's the event's 10th anniversary.

Now, while the Trucks Gone Wild event is a one-time thing, Louisiana Mudfest is actually a family-owned business that operates year-round. Judging from the description on their official website, they seem pretty damn accommodating to all your outdoor needs.

We house 300+ acres for people to come out and relax, ride in the mud, fish, or even catch a concert or two. It doesn't matter how old you are or if you even have anything to ride. Just pull up a lawn chair or drop the tailgate of your truck and let the people entertain you!

If you're interested in learning more about Louisiana Mudfest, then you can head on over to www.LouisianaMudfest.com or check out the Louisiana Mudfest Fan Page on Facebook.


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