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This Custom John Deere Chopper Is a Countrified Beauty


We can never get enough of custom bikes, but this John Deere motorcycle definitely takes the cake as one of the most unique custom motorcycles we've ever seen.

Now, obviously, John Deere is not in the motorcycle business. It's in the tractor, small farm equipment, and industrial equipment business. So, whoever put this thing together is definitely some sort of mastermind when it comes to customization.

Talk about powersports, redneck edition. Let's be honest, though. From a pure specs perspective, this bike probably isn't anything to write home about. It's not coming close to competing with some of the best motorcycles that Indian or Harley-Davidson puts out, that's for sure, and it's likely not working with anything particularly impressive as far as torque or horsepower is concerned.

But, from a looks standpoint, this thing is the real deal. If you were to drive this bad boy through Illinois, Nebraska, Missouri, Iowa, Michigan, or really down any street in the Midwest, you'd probably be regarded as some sort of biker legend of the Heartland. I mean, this thing practically has "American Badass" written all over it.


While there are plenty of other John Deere motorcycles out there, a good chunk of them tend to look like any old motorcycle with just the patented John Deere green and yellow paint job included. What makes this motorcycle so awesome is that it looks like legitimate John Deere equipment and something you could actually plow a field with.

It does have a pretty sleek look to it, but also seems like it would be perfectly at home in any sort of off-roading scenario. What an awesome machine!

This post was originally published on November 3, 2016.

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