woman with detached gas nozzle
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Woman Tries Pumping Gas With Detached Nozzle


Every once and a while, you witness a true eyes-widening, mouth-agape moment that can significantly shape how you feel about the human race at that point in time. Some of these moments are uplifting in nature, showing humans at their best and most extraordinary. Other moments are, well, not so great and showcase failure at the most epic level. Now, sorry for anyone who was hoping to for something uplifting today, but the above video happens to fall in the latter category.

In the amateur footage, a Greenville, South Carolina woman is shown pulling off what may be the most embarrassing gas station fail in the history of gas station fails when she tried using a completely disconnected nozzle to pump gas. I repeat, we've got ourselves a loose cannon nozzle that isn't playing by the rules, and a woman trying to use said nozzle to fill up her vehicle with fuel. This is not a drill.

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"I was sitting at a gas station and noticed that the pump in front of me was disconnected from the hose," the man who filmed the whole thing writes in the viral video's description. "A lady pulled up to get gas and didn't notice that the hose was disconnected from the handle and she proceeded to try and pump gas with it. In the end, a clerk comes out and points out the problem and she rolls her eyes."

Now, judging from the woman's getup, there's a good chance that she just got off a long nurse's shift. Hey, I get it. Working ridiculously long hours can make you feel like you're working with half a brain cell, and you do things you probably wouldn't normally do under the circumstances.

So, with that in mind, maybe this woman deserves a big-time break. A second chance. A Tosh.O-style web redemption. But, before that happens, excuse me while I watch that video one more time and get a few more laughs in.

This post was originally published on February 26, 2019.


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