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Angry Man Bashes Driver's Door With Knife in Wild Road Rage Video


If you find yourself in a traffic dispute with a complete stranger and your first instinct is to whip out a knife and bang on that person's window with it, then, at the very least, you should probably be going to regular anger management meetings.

The following dispute that went down in Niles, Illinois has anger issues written all over it, from the perp blocking in the other driver in the middle of the road to him getting out of the car to him brandishing the blade to him just menacingly waiting around while the other guy called the police.

Has this dude ever heard of deep breathing exercises?


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The road rage incident was captured on video by a truck driver. This was his brief account of the aggressive driving shenanigans.

"I was driving my truck when the two cars in front of me started swerving at each other before one car blocked the other completely," reads the video's description. "Since I was in the same lane where they stopped, they blocked me, but it gave me the opportunity to record what happened. The older guy came out of his car and started hitting the driver's side window with a knife. when he went back to his car, the younger driver came out of his car and started arguing and shouted at the older guy. The older driver came out of his car again."

According to CBS Chicago, the knife-wielding instigator was 53-year-old Peter Dow, who ended up getting charged with aggravated assault.


Apparently, Dow told authorities that the other driver threw a cup of coffee during the dust-up. Which, even if that were true, it doesn't seem like a good enough reason to pull the whole knife stunt. But, something tells me that Mr. Dow isn't the most reasonable person.

This post was originally published on January 22, 2019.

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