how to fell a tree
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How to Safely and Effectively Fell a Tree With a Chainsaw


Cutting down a tree is one of those tasks that you should 100% know how to do properly before trying to attempt it. If not, you could put yourself in a pretty dangerous situation extremely quickly. That's why you should check out this video put out on the Stihl YouTube channel. Certified arborist and world champion tree climber Mark Chisholm shows you exactly what steps you should take during the tree felling process.

Now, do keep in mind that there are tons of different techniques you can use for cutting a tree down, depending on your particular situation. The tree shown in the video is basically perfectly upright, so Chris shows how to complete the job those types of trees. In scenarios where the tree is curved, or if it's on a slope, alternative methods may need to be used. The first step before even getting to cutting is assessment. Here, you'll check for hazards such as electrical lines, dead branches or sections in the tree, leaning trunks, vines, or anything else that could cause danger during the felling process.

It's important to identify any hazards, so you can get everything cleared up before you're ready to cut the tree. When Mark finally begins cutting, he starts on his face cut, and stops halfway to make sure it's pointed in the right direction. Following this, he does a boar cut, so that he can shove in some wedges. After confirming that he has an exit strategy, he begins his final cut across the back. Before you know it, the tree begins to fall and lands in the perfect spot.


I'd say that went pretty well, and it could go just as smoothly for anyone else if you follow these steps. Big trees like these are not something you want to be messing around with, so make sure you're doing things right the first time.

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