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Homemade Truck Crane Loads Massive Log


When it comes to epic DIY inventions, Bill Rosener hit the freakin' mother lode with this homemade truck crane. I mean, this thing is a heavy-duty game changer.

In the above video, Bill demonstrates this awesome machine's effectiveness by using it to load 442-pound log into the back of his truck. Talk about a cheap and easy way to get the job done!

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In a blog post on SunCatcherStudio, Bill describes his motivation behind crafting the homemade truck crane.

"Whether driving around town or visiting the local green waste dump, I frequently came across logs that were too heavy for me to lift," Bill writes. "Therefore, I started looking around for a safe and easy way to haul these logs back to my shop."

"I initially considered purchasing a commercial truck crane for $500 that I would bolt to the bed of my truck. However, I was not sure I wanted to lug an extra 170 pounds of weight everywhere I drove. I was also worried that a bolted down truck crane would get in my way when hauling other items like plywood. Would a crane even meet my needs? With concerns about making a poor purchasing decision, I decided to make my own truck crane."

And the rest is history! Bill also includes step-by-step instructions in the post, perfectly laying out how he went about building the crane. You know, just in case any gearheads out there felt like following Bill's lead and attempting a truck crane project of their own.


Now, if you happen to need a truck crane for day-to-day work, or just a one-off project, but don't feel like building one yourself, have no fear. Amazon has got you covered!

This post was originally published on June 24, 2020.

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