moose in pickup truck
YouTube: ViralHog

Driver Hauls Giant Stuffed Moose in the Bed of His Ram Pickup


Trucks are extremely versatile vehicles. On the roads, it's pretty normal to see people using their pickup beds to haul dirt, rocks, wood, motorcycles, ATVs, you name it. However, hauling a giant stuffed moose? Well, that's going to be a first for me. To be fair, I don't live around moose habitats, and, of course, this video was shot in Anchorage, Alaska, where it's pretty common to see moose.

Then again, when you see them, they're usually moving around with their own four legs. I'm sure this certainly threw a few drivers for a loop. You never quite know what you're going to run across on the public roads. I do wonder where exactly he was taking this, though.

This Ram 1500 was hauling this showpiece to its destination on a snowy December day, but it seems like the driver's having a little bit of trouble with it. He keeps pulling on and off of the shoulder, more than likely because his moose was shifting around in the back. When the car filming the whole thing passes, you can see the straps are only around the legs, but with as tall as this thing is, it'd probably be better to throw a strap over the top of it. Otherwise, there might be a moose sliding down the road and into traffic. I'd imagine that's exactly what the driver did after stopping the second time.


Hey, cargo needs to move one way or the other, but this is definitely one of the more funny loads I've seen get hauled around. Alaska sure looks like an interesting place. If you're looking at a new Ram truck, now you know for sure that you can confidently haul a giant moose, as long as you make sure to strap it properly to avoid any complications during travel.

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