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This Flying Lawnmower Video Is an Internet Classic


It's a bird! It's a plane! It's...a flying lawnmower?! Now, if you just clicked play on the above video and are thinking to yourself, "What in the hell am I even watching right now?" -- hold tight, and we'll explain.

About 16 or so years ago, back in the early days of viral videos, this clip of a lawnmower flying to music blew up on the internet (RIP Vine). While the "Cotton-Eyed Joe" remix was the version that first "took flight," so to speak, a number of other versions popped up over the years with other songs added in, from I Believe I Can Fly to Mariah Carey's Emotions. The one where she hits the really high note. You'll recognize it when you hear it.


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The Product Behind the Flying Lawnmower Vine

Now, as you probably already guessed, the aerial machine at the center of this phenomenon isn't an actual flying lawnmower that's mowing up the clouds, but a remote control model airplane called the Sky Cutter. You could actually buy this thing online!

Per Novelty Street:

Have you ever stopped and asked yourself, "What if lawnmowers could fly?" No? Well, someone else sure did, and it birthed the idea of Sky Cutter The Flying Lawn Mower, as seen in those viral videos which later became internet memes. This one-of-a-kind contraption ascends to the air at any speed while maintaining its flight path. It comes with nearly all the materials you'll need for this incredibly simple build, including some plastic, plywood, high-quality laser cut balsa, and foam cores and parts cut from a CNC machine. Where else are you going to find a plane...I mean a lawnmower that's as fun to build as it's to fly.

While the website originally sold the Sky Cutter, Novelty Street points out that the site is no longer up and running. Bummer! Cutting up the skies with the Sky Cutter looks like it'd be an absolute blast!


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