farmer uses tractor to flip car
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Farmer Uses His Tractor to Flip Car That's Blocking His Gate


For some reason, many people think of farmers as quiet, sedate people who work from sunup to sundown, coaxing the land to yield crops and the livestock to produce. In fact, lots of farmers are hardcore folks with lots of tools and a ton of creativity.

So, when you park your car so that it blocks a farmer's drive, you should probably move it when he asks. Otherwise, something like this will happen.

As you watch the video, you'll see the farmer quietly and sedately use his tractor, complete with a lift-and-dump attachment, to easily flip the offending SUV. He then continues to push it down the road, until it's presumably off his property.


While he's taking care of matters with the car, you can also see a shirtless young man chasing him, kicking the tractor's tires, and nearly getting plowed over by the tractor's lift bucket.

Allegedly, this scene is just part of an ongoing feud between the young men and the farmer. There have been reports of the younger men starting fires and damaging fences on the farm, which is situated near Barnard Castle in County Durham, England. Many viewers sympathize with the farmer. Vandalism is never funny, especially on a working farm. Add to that the men could have simply moved their car when asked, and it's clear that the farmer was at his wit's end.

Towards the end of the video clip, you'll see the lads cursing up a storm and laughing at the Durham Constabulary before mooning the camera. If this was their way of garnering support and sympathy for their cause, they might want to reconsider a new routine.

Still, opinions are divided. Many locals feel that the farmer was in the wrong to damage a vehicle in this manner. Others indicate that while it was a very dramatic act, they can sympathize with the tormented farmer.


Take a look and judge for yourself!

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