elephant attacks film crew YouTube: truly
YouTube: truly

We really have to give serious props to these film crews who go into places like South Africa and film exotic animals up close. These folks risk it all to get incredible footage of extremely unpredictable, and sometimes very vicious, animals that aren’t necessarily pumped about being filmed. Such scenarios often end in terrifying incidents like the one from back in 2015, where a small film crew in Cape Town, South Africa got more than they bargained for when they encountered a wild elephant in the mountainous Limpopo Province in the northeast region of South Africa.

Obviously, it made for quite the scene, and after the footage was uploaded to YouTube, one commenter referred to this encounter not as Jurassic Park, but Jurassic Savannah. And, when you see the below video, you’ll understand exactly what they were talking about.

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During its filming excursion, the crew?s Toyota discovered a young female elephant in the middle of the road. After realizing that the wild animal is pretty ticked off and isn?t playing games, the driver begins evasive maneuvers.

Watch the elephant charge the film crew for several harrowing moments, forcing the driver to accelerate in reverse while eyeing the animal. Just as the elephant closes the gap, the Toyota clips a fallen tree, forcing the car off the road. After finally nudging the Toyota with her trunk, the elephant retreats, and a collective deep sigh of relief ensues.

Could you imagine being stuck in a situation like this? Obviously, it’s not quite as scary as being chased around in a storm by a monstrous T Rex, like that scene in Jurassic Park, but when it comes to real danger, it’s pretty high up there.

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