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Buffalo Rams Car After Folks Get Way Too Close



Believe it or not, buffaloes are some of the most dangerous animals in South Africa. You probably wouldn't think so, especially considering the country's diverse wildlife and the fact that we don't really consider them to be particularly dangerous in the States. But, after watching the above video, you'll see that it's definitely a bad idea to mess with these bad boys.

During a stop with her travel party at the Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Park, Vicky Schmidt caught an vicious act of buffalo road rage on camera. As Schmidt points out in the video's description, she and her party were well out of danger, since they respected the buffaloes by keeping a safe distance.

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"The two guides who were driving the truck, stopped immediately when they saw the buffaloes on the street," Schmidt said. "Luckily, they always had a good feeling for the mood of the wild animals and we always observed them at a safe distance. The guides parked the truck across the street so we could perfectly observe the buffaloes walking on the street."

On the other hand, the family in the Kia Sportage, ahead of Schmidt and her crew, clearly did not do their due diligence in keeping the proper separation. Big mistake.

"The family in the car tried to run the buffaloes off the road, so they could pass with their car," Schmidt said. "As you can see on the video, they weren't interested in the buffaloes but were taking pictures of an elephant which was a long way off. They didn't respect the buffaloes and this is what I told my boyfriend during taking the video."

"I expected that they will have their revenge."


Yeah, you could say that the buffaloes had their revenge, in the form of one of the bolder ones ramming the SUV off the ground and leaving a nasty dent. Wild stuff!

This post was originally published on July 17, 2020.

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