anaconda lunges at pickup truck
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Riled-Up Anaconda Attacks Passing Pickup Truck


When you think of Brazil, some of the first things that come to mind may be its popular beaches, its energetic music, or its renowned food scene. But, the South American country is also known for its extremely diverse and exotic wildlife, as the home of everything from jaguars to parrots to poisonous frogs. And, yes, as you probably already guessed, even giant snakes are part of the ecosystem.

It's one thing to coexist with such reptiles, but it's another when they get riled up and decide to go on the offensive. Hey, even anacondas can wake up on the bed, or tall grass, for that matter.

What we've got in the below video is an anaconda that was feeling a little bit feisty one morning and decided to take it out on a passing Volkswagen Amarok. Pro tip: If you ever see an anaconda out in the wild, just keep driving!


Now, for a little backstory, the driver of the truck was the husband of Natalia Jacintho. He was working on a farm in Campo Grande, the capital of the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul. That's when he spotted the massive snake.

"My husband was working on the farm when he spotted the anaconda (sucuri) and went to call the family to see the animal," Natalia Jacintho, who uploaded the video, writes in the description. "It's the third time it was seen and we believe it's the same one."

Well, not all that surprisingly, the anaconda wasn't a fan of all the attention, and decided to make a defiant lunge at the passing pickup. I'm guessing the guy heard the message, loud and clear. When a snake that easily weighs a few hundred pounds tries attacking, whether you're in a vehicle or not, you get the hell out of dodge!

This post was originally published on July 7, 2020.


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