car drives through wet cement
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Whoops! Driver Plows Through Wet Concrete in Construction Zone

It's not every day you see a construction worker angrily spike his hard hat while on the job, but after watching this footage of a driver rolling right on through a patch of wet concrete, you'll understand the guy's reaction completely.

To be fair, whoever was in charge of putting up the barricades for this project probably could've done a better job of actually blocking off the concrete area. With one measly barricade basically just set up towards the side, you'd really have no way of knowing that you were plowing through a construction zone.

From far away, that patch of wet concrete could look something like a speed bump, which is probably what the driver thought it was...until it was too late.

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As you can see from the video, this whole incident was a day ruining event for pretty much everyone involved. The driver had to deal with the embarrassment and hassle of driving through wet concrete, while the construction workers definitely had some extra work on their hands.

I say "pretty much everyone," because clearly the guys behind the camera got an absolute kick out of witnessing the epic fail firsthand. It probably made their boring day at work a hell of a lot more interesting.

Now, while you wouldn't think it, there is an MVP in this video. Can you guess who it is?

That guy was a little less than three car lengths away from being an internet laughingstock. Instead, a last-second right turn passed his would-be shame right over to the car behind him. More than fifteen million Facebook views later, and that makes for one considerably crucial right turn.

This post was originally published on November 6, 2018.

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