guy takes down moped thieves
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Moped-Riding Thieves Almost Got Away With Their Crime, But This Brave Bystander Took Them Down


Moped riders are typically known for two things and two things only: Holding up traffic with their slow vehicles and stealing purses straight out of old ladies' hands. I don't know why that's what they're known for, but that's just the way the cookie crumbles, I guess.

Unfortunately, the below video of an incident that went down in London back in 2017 doesn't really do much to refute that stereotype, but it is so satisfying to watch the purse snatchers not get away easy for once.

Well, technically, they did get away. But, the woman's purse was saved thanks to a bystander's perfect form tackle of the passenger off the back of the scooter. The thieves definitely belong in jail (and here's hoping they eventually did get served official justice), but it's a pretty decent consolation prize to see at least one of these goobers end up flat on their back in the middle of the street.


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"Dashcam footage shows how a bystander hero selflessly runs out to stop a moped criminal after they stole her handbag," reads the video's description. "It was an incredible act of bravery who unfortunately couldn't keep the thief down due to fear of being attacked."

Major props to the Good Samaritan for 1) keeping his head on a swivel and getting the lady's purse back and 2) having the wherewithal to know that it was two against one and that those thieves very well could have been armed. No shame in knowing when you're outmatched and ducking out of the fight early. That's how you live to fight another day.

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This post was originally published on November 26, 2017.