boat that looks like a semi truck
YouTube: ViralHog

This Boat Designed to Look Like a Semi Truck Is a Country-fied Beauty


This one goes out to all the ones who love truck driving or just semi trucks in general. In my opinion, this has got to be one of the most unique and stylish vessels out on the water. Once this Peterbilt-designed watercraft was first spotted, these boaters knew they had to get video of it passing by, and we sure are glad they did.

Call it a Peterboat if you will, but it really doesn't get much cooler than this. Whoever was sitting in the boat that was filming got a huge kick out of seeing this vessel pass through. He was like a kid in a candy store, but this boat got even better after it started blaring its ridiculously loud airhorns. This seems like something you truly need to see up close to fully appreciate the details, but just based on the video, it really did have the appearance that a full-on semi truck was just cruising through the water.

Once it finally passes the filming boat, you can just barely see the base of the boat, which allowed it to be buoyant on the water. The only thing I see missing here is a diesel engine. Seeing some black smoke pour out of those stacks really would set it over the edge. While the front end mocked a Peterbilt, the rear of the boat was equipped with enough seating area to fit as many friends as you could ever want on board. I can only imagine how many people are forced to do a double take to comprehend this wicked creation.


We need some flags hanging off the back of this boat, because this just screams America. I have to give credit to whoever went through the process of building it, and the captain himself for hitting the horns and letting some spectators enjoy the show. It just goes to show the dedication that some folks have to the trucking lifestyle.

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