bee man saves el camino
YouTube: The Bee Man

Ohio Hero Named "Bee Man" Saves El Camino From Hornet Nest


All superheroes have their alter egos. Batman is Bruce Wayne. Superman is Clark Kent. Spiderman is Peter Parker. And Bee Man is Travis Watson.

Who is Bee Man, you ask? The 28-year-old Ohio native just so happens to be the proud owner of a bee-removal service, and he's been in the bee removal business for around 15 years. Because you know what they say: With great power comes great responsibility.

A lawyer by trade, Watson became something of a viral Internet sensation back in 2018 after video was uploaded of him removing an absolutely massive European hornets' nest from the driver's seat of a Chevrolet El Camino. Armed with a smoke gun and a plastic bag, Bee Man is definitely proof that not all heroes wear capes.


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"It got my adrenaline going," Watson, who estimated that anywhere from 800 to 1,000 European hornets were living inside the four-pound nest, told Fox News.

"You don't come across a group of European hornets when you're drafting a will."

European hornets are definitely no joke. According to insect experts at Ohio State University, European hornets are like "yellowjackets on steroids" and are an invasive species that can actually kill off honey bees. Apparently, they can also grow to be around two inches long and can dish out some serious damage with their stings, which in some cases can even cause death in humans.


But Watson didn't seem to be really phased at all by the high-stakes nest removal, and said "it was one of the coolest jobs [he'd] ever done."

Hey, whatever floats your boat, man. At least that El Camino was able to live to see another day.

This post was originally published on August 29, 2018.

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