1956 chevrolet nomad wagon
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Customized '56 Chevy Nomad Wagon Turns Heads at Street Rod Show

Scottie D knows how to find them! Check out the beauty that is "The Wanderer." It's a 1956 Chevrolet Nomad Wagon that's been given a ton of love and attention. It's got an LS3 under the hood, and it's fully loaded with custom features. This '56 Nomad Wagon stole the show.

Chevrolet's golden age was a run to remember. In the '50s, Chevrolet was in stiff competition with Ford. The Ford Parklane was the Nomad Wagon's rival. This custom Nomad, however, is not easily matched.

"The Wanderer" Is a Blast From the Past

This Nomad is a wagon and a hot rod, which sounds strange in this day and age, but it works! "The Wanderer" is from a bygone era. The '50s were a very different time for American automobiles and the country in general. What vehicles lacked in speed they made up for in style, and this Nomad's got plenty of it!

The green and creme colorway was a sight to behold at the 2016 Louisville, Kentucky National Street Rod Association's car show. This Nomad's interior is in pristine condition and includes bucket seats in the rear of the vehicle. The dash contains the stylish clock that was common to cars in the '50s. The chrome accents on the steering wheel and shifter add even more class to this classic.

This hot rod wagon makes me want to get a burger and shake at an old-timey diner with a jukebox. If this wagon doesn't transport your imagination to the birth of rock 'n' roll, varsity jackets, and drive-ins, then you're not fully appreciating everything "The Wanderer" stands for.

"The Wanderer" is tangible zeitgeist. It perfectly encapsulates the spirit of the mid-'50's. The LS3 engine, praised as one of the best Chevy engines ever, allows this piece of history to keep up with the times and survive decades after its manufacture date. "The Wanderer" is nostalgia on wheels with a monster engine. It reminds us that we could learn a thing or two from days past.

This article was originally published on November 3, 2016.

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