man destroys '70 dodge charger
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This '70 Dodge Charger Owner Destroyed His Classic Ride to Prove a Point

One of the downsides that comes with trying to sell your vehicle is having to deal with all the lowballers. You know, those folks who come along and offer half of the asking price, then expect you to happily accept. It can be frustrating to say the least, but I don't think I've ever seen anyone go to the same lengths as Daniel Gagliardi in order to prove a point to those cheap buyers.

For some context behind this video, Gagliardi was absolutely fed up with his time being wasted. After spending time trying to sell it both online and locally, he eventually got to the point when he made the decision to destroy his 1970 Dodge Charger 500 instead. This was a choice made solely to prove a point to the lowballers, but it's pretty rough to watch for anyone who's an actual classic car enthusiast.

I mean, we're talking about a 1970 Charger with a 383 big block. These cars aren't easy to come by, especially in 2022. It might not have been in pristine condition, but it would have been an amazing project for someone to restore. Just take a look at all the useable parts that were still intact at the beginning of this video. There's no doubt that other '70s Charger owners could have used pieces from it.

I don't really agree with the fate of this classic, but Gagliardi went forward with demolishing the vehicle with some heavy equipment. The machine smashes this car to pieces, rendering it completely useless by the time it's all said and done. The viral video gained hundreds of thousands of views, and caused quite an uproar in the classic car community. To make things worse, Gagliardi also stated that he'll do the same to the next vintage muscle car he gets his hands on.

I get it, low ballers are annoying, but I can't say that's worth justifying destroying your personal property and a piece of American history. I'll let you form your own opinion on the matter, but it seems rather pointless, wasteful, and selfish to destroy such a rarity.

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