1969 plymouth roadrunner burnout
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Beep, Beep, Burnout: '69 Road Runner Rips an Incredible Trail of Smoke


The '69 Plymouth Road Runner is a classic muscle car. The 440 Six Pack was made with 390 horsepower. It is extremely rare, because only 1,412 were ever produced. Today, the rare muscle car is worth well over 10x its original sticker price. Named after the Warner Bros. character, this thing really moves!

Just like the cartoon character, the '69 440 is also known to kick up some dust. Plymouth designed this awesome piece of machinery to be the quintessential muscle car, nothing more, nothing less. 1969 became one of the most successful business years for Plymouth, because of the Road Runner craze. As it has aged, it seems Plymouth got the job done, because gearheads still go wild about the '69 440 today.

Sadly, Plymouth was not able to repeat its success with the Road Runner after the amazing reception of the '96 440. There was something about the rollout and the experience of the '69 that captured the hearts of Americans. It was also shipped worldwide, so U.S. gearheads weren't the only ones in love with this beauty.

Despite the intricacies of its cartoon-themed design, it was hardly all show and no go. The video below shows how good the Road Runner is at burning rubber.


In the clip, the driver of this "Baracuda Orange" 440 is tearing up the cul-de-sac. It appears that he has just finished doing donuts in the residential area, before getting ready to beeline through the neighborhood. The rear tires produce billows of smoke, before the driver launches the 440 at full speed. All this video is missing is the classic "beep beep."

The orange '69 Plymouth absolutely barbecued the road with its burnout leaving its mark on the asphalt. The cartoon character's specialty is taking off at amazing speeds, leaving trails of smoke behind it. The Road Runner often taunts the coyote, because it knows its speed is unmatched.

The '69 Road Runner 440 is no different. This speed demon exists to tear up roads and flee the scene at incredibly high speeds. The Road Runner lives for the thrill of the chase. All pursuers should be prepared to eat its dust.


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This post was originally published on March 22, 2021.

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