'67 corvette gets first wash in 33 years

'67 Corvette Gets First Wash in 33 Years



Larry Kosilla has been a car detailer for a long time, and he shows off some of his best work on the YouTube channel AMMO NYC, which is also the name of his detailing company. His videos have racked up hundreds of millions of views in the last eight or so years. Needless to say, this dude knows what he's doing.

For one epic project, Kosilla gave a 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray its first wash in 33 years. Now, the 'Vette is part of a 300-car collection that includes Ferraris, Rolls-Royces, Plymouths, and Fords. The collector, who spent several decades amassing the collection, entrusted Kosilla to restore most of the cars to get into selling shape. See, we told you this guy was the real deal.

When it comes to the '67 Corvette wash and restoration, Kosilla followed a four-step process, which you can see laid out below.


Per Corvette Forum:

In the Initial Sweep phase, the guys remove anything not bolted down, including some critter-chewed toilet paper. They next pray the AMMO Lather cleaning spray to remove dirt and mold from the seats, followed by the rest of the interior.

In Phase Two, Kosilla and his partner mix water with distilled white vinegar to help kill the mold and a steam cleaner to wake up the various surface areas before shampooing the filthy carpet. Lastly, they move onto the engine, again using the steam cleaner to minimize water use.

During the Exterior Wash phase, Kosilla and Dan first inspect the paint for any potential weak areas, and then apply another AMMO product called FROTHe Hoseless Lift, which, to our lamen/enthusiast eyes, seems like a mix between a detail spray and foamy car shampoo. After letting the product sit, they agitate the dirt using microfiber towels rather than wash mitts that would quickly contaminate buckets and other surfaces. Lastly, they tackle grease spots with a degreaser.

Finally, in the Polishing Phase, Kosilla and crew spend a few hours with a multistage polishing compound, also paying extra attention to all the smaller chrome bits. And, after cleaning up the glass with a squeegee, the team vacuums the interior one last time and applies a shiny base coating and then a light layer of wax.

Bravo, Larry! Bravo!

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