1957 chevrolet burnout
YouTube: revrods

'57 Chevy With 600 Horsepower Beautifully Burns Rubber


Good lord, that old Chevy can move! There's something so satisfying about watching a classic car show off its capabilities. Not only do we get to see it spin the tires, but we also get to see this driver shifting gears like an absolute boss as it screams down the highway. You've got to love those incredible retro vehicles from the '50s.

From the very start of this video, it seemed like it was going to be a good one. The shadowed view of the '57 Chevy is extremely aggressive as it slowly gets lowered down from the lift, and it sounds even better than it looks once they fire it up. After the headlights flash, it quickly cuts to a clip of the car on the roadway, easily providing a smoke show for the camera as it takes off. This vehicle was certainly made for maximum amounts of fun.

The second part of the video is even better than the burnout itself. The camera changes views to inside the cab, where you can get a good angle of the driver and the road ahead. Once he puts the pedal down, he runs through the gears like an absolute professional. Those have got to be some of the quickest, most aggressive shifts I've seen in a while. The cherry on top is listening to that perfect V8 noise exiting the exhaust. If I ever get the chance to own a '57 Chevy, I need it to sound exactly like this one.

It's one thing to own a fast car, but it's another to know how to drive it properly. I can honestly say that this driver has impressed me with his driving skills in this short video. I think it's safe to assume he's had more than a little time behind the wheel. Modern muscle cars are nice, but tearing up the streets in a classic is a whole different feeling.

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