'35 chevy tow truck
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This '35 Chevy Tow Truck Was Caught Cruising on Video



You probably wouldn't mind getting your car hauled away by this incredible tow truck, which hearkens way, way back to those vintage car years. Makes you think less about the inconvenience of getting towed, and more about the good old days when the cars were rocking ridiculously flashy and over-the-top designs.

Sporting a banana yellow paint job, this sweet ride may look like business in the back, but it's actually sporting the front of a 1935 Chevy. Hell, who are we kidding? Even the flatbed on this thing looks slick.

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For a little backstory, this beauty was filmed back in 2010 on the way to the MotorEx auto show. As it turns out, the guys who spotted it were headed to the show as well, driving in a Chevy 350-Powered FC Station Sedan.

If you've never heard of MotorEx, you're probably due for a trip to the Land Down Under.

Per MotorEx:

Meguiar's MotorEx is the largest and most prestigious car show of its kind in Australia. Each year Meguiar's MotorEx attracts Australia's best custom and modified cars, which travel from all over the country to create an amazing visual spectacle of color, chrome and individual style. Covering over 28,000 square meters (a little over 301,000 square feet), it features 400-plus vehicles with a collective value of over $40 million dollars along with the countries best automotive businesses showcase the industries newest and most exciting products. Meguiar's MotorEx to be a car crazy experience not to be missed!

There probably aren't too many places other than Australia where you'd see a '35 Chevy tow truck just cruising down the street. Man, what a sweet vehicle!


This post was originally published on October 9, 2019.

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