MCLAREN 720S vs YAMAHA R1 drag race
YouTube: LivingLifeFast

McLaren 720S Shows Its Dominant Speed in Race Against Yamaha R1

You know, I remember the days when cars couldn't even compete with the 1000cc motorcycles on the road. However, times have changed, and some of the supercars out there have potential to be just as fast, if not faster, than superbikes. Don't believe me? Well, check out this McLaren 720S go head to head against a Yamaha R1 in a drag race.

At the beginning of the video, you'll find some nice cinematic shots of both vehicles. The R1 is a top-of-the-line motorcycle offered by Yamaha, and the 720S is a very respectable supercar. They eventually line to two of them up for a couple drag races. In the first two races, the rider was fighting the front wheel coming up, so the McLaren gladly capitalized to take the victory. The way that car can accelerate and cut through the wind is nothing short of amazing.

After a few good runs, the rider on the bike figures things out a little more, and even grabs a win. Shortly after, they try a few roll racing attempts to see if they would see the same results. While the R1 did seem to have a bit of an advantage with roll racing, the McLaren still manages to grab a victory as well. Consistency was key, and this 720S didn't skip a beat during the entirety of the racing, so overall, he did win more races than he lost against the Yamaha.

I'm pretty impressed with just how quick that car really is. It's extremely hard to compete with the power-to-weight ratios that superbikes have, but this McLaren beat its pace and made it look easy. Either way, I have to give my respect to that rider as well for hanging to that rocket for dear life and giving it everything the bike had. That's some good drag racing!

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