dr. hannah straight winter storm in truck camper
YouTube: Dr. Hannah Straight

YouTuber Shows What It's Like to Spend a Winter Storm in a Truck Camper

I have to give my respect to Dr. Hannah Straight. She's filmed tons of videos out in various environments, and has shown some awesome camper setups along the way. In this video, she combines a beastly Ram 3500 on 37-inch tires with the Four Wheel Hawk camper, and takes it into a winter storm to prove its worth.

As you can see from the video, Dr. Straight was heading towards the mountains when she first received a storm warning. They were calling for four feet of snow, but that didn't slow her down much. She headed into the mountains anyway, with the safety of knowing she had a capable truck and a warm place to stay no matter how cold it got. After driving through some snowy trails and helping another driver get unstuck, she eventually finds a place to park up for the night. At this point, Hannah shows just how easy it is to set up the Hawk camper.

I will admit, having a setup like this does make frequent camping much more intriguing. Could you imagine waking up to a snowy scene like this? For the 4x4 folks, this seems pretty ideal. Hannah wakes up from the snow plows the next morning, because they ended up getting two feet of snow, with another foot on the way. In 30 minutes, she was able to pack everything up and head to her next adventure: splitboarding the freshly fallen snow. Now that's how you have a good weekend!

In reality, a pickup truck and camper setup identical to this one would cost you quite a fortune. The good part is that there's lots of different tent options out there for your own truck at different price ranges. If you love taking your truck on fun new adventures, a camper setup can provide you with the ultimate vacation. You'll see and experience things that few people will ever get to, so put it on your bucket list!

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This post was originally published on January 28, 2021.

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