sealander YouTube: Jim Waltz
YouTube: Jim Waltz

This is the Sealander. It’s a nearly 900-pound caravan with a waterproof chassis made from reinforced plastic and fiberglass. This thing is also equipped with an electric motor that’s capable of propelling it in the water at speeds of around 5 MPH. With that in mind, it’s definitely designed to be more of a relaxing cruising vessel than a souped-up speedboat. It’s a sweet little pod, that’s for sure. Built for comfort and not speed.

We all love camping and boat trips, so why not combine the two? That’s what German designer Daniel Straub decided to do with the Sealander, and we’d say he definitely delivered.

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As you can see from the above video, the vehicle isn’t for someone who’s looking to slum it during that camping experience. It may be small, but inside and out, this easily-towable amphibious caravan is one seriously sleek vessel. For $17,502, you can buy the basic version of the Sealander, while the standard version will run you $19,447. Just take a look at some of the comfort enhancements that come with this thing.

Cooking Module ? Two flame stainless steel gas cooker with glass cover plate. Gas container and hose connection to the cooking module and gas leakage valve outside. Gas examination certification.

Wash Module ? Stainless steel sink with class cover plate. Tap with water pump. 10 L fresh water tank and 10 L waste water tank. Hoses and wiring. Water and electronics.

Cooler Package ? Cigarette lighter (12 V) in the cupboard. Mounting device and belts in the cupboard. Compressor cooler (different models) prices and consulting on request.

Audio Package ? Marine-Radio with USB, AUX, Bluetooth and iPod compatible. Remote control, 2 Marine-Outdoor speakers 120W FUSION MS-FR4021

Shore Power ? 230 V connection on the outside. Adapter cable from CEE to 230 V. 2 pcs 230V sockets in the interior. Voltage converter and charger for the board battery. 2 Automatic fuses 10Ah.


Additional Lighting ? 2 LED spots on the front over both sideboards (adjustable with flip switch).

So awesome! So freakin’ awesome!

This post was originally published on May 13, 2019.

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