sound of harley-davidson engine while riding
YouTube: Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Girl

The Satisfying Sound of a Harley Bike in Action


There's nothing quite as soothing as going for a long ride on a motorcycle. For a brief moment, you can forget about all the problems, frustrations, and stress in the world, and just enjoy a little wind through your hair. The video above is a perfect demonstration of a nice relaxing cruise on two wheels, and it'll certainly convince you that it's been too long since your last ride.

The filming on this video is perfect. You get an awesome view through the handlebars, and a crisp audio sound with basically no wind noise. The beautiful exhaust note puts out exactly what you want to hear from a V-twin Harley-Davidson. He's also included shots of him going through tunnels, amplifying the exhaust even more. A pedestrian on the street even gets excited while he sits at a red light, and asks him to rev the bike up, which he happily did.

It's pretty funny that he titled the video "What Harley Davidson sounds like when you ride it legally." Judging by the fact that he has all the proper safety gear, and also accounting for his discipline on the road, this guy definitely does things the right way when it comes to riding. That's something that a good portion of riders could take some notes on. Riding can be fun, even if you're not taking on the extra risks of going full throttle everywhere you go.


Remember people, motorcycle therapy is important for your mental health, so be sure to make some time to get out there for a ride. With as much negativity as there is floating in the world today, we could all use a little break from reality for a bit. We're currently in the seasons with the best weather, so dust that old bike off and take advantage while it's here!

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