police officer motorcycle skills course
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Police Officer Absolutely Dominates Motorcycle Skills Course



Look, lots of people who ride claim to have a handle on their bikes, but very few could actually match up to the skills of this police officer. In order to become a motorcycle cop, they must master complete control over their bike so they can be confident going into any situation. If you need proof, take a look at this classic video above, and prepare to have your mind blown.

I'd assume the fact that "Lowrider" by War was just playing by coincidence, however, it's rather fitting for the type of riding that's happening. As soon as the police officer starts his run down the course, it doesn't take long to figure out he knows what he's doing. He's taking turns so sharp that he's actually sliding the side of the motorcycle on the ground, and the scraping can be heard at multiple points in the video. Also, this isn't exactly your traditional entry level MSF course layout, either.

Instead, this track layout is meant to test the real limits of these officers' abilities. The turns are tight, the cones are narrow, and if you don't know how to counter balance on command, you won't make it very far here. Even on a massive Harley-Davidson, this rider flicks that bike around as if it were weightless. He truly nailed every single corner with precision, and it's an amazing sight to see. Just remembering how to navigate through this course the way it was intended seems challenging enough, but he makes it through the entire thing without hitting a single cone.


To anyone who thinks they have the ability to outrun these motorcycle police, I'd recommend thinking again. Chances are that these cops have much better skills than anything you think that you might be working with. A lot of times, these cops on two wheels are the same people you'll find hanging out at the track on the weekends. It's in their blood the same way it is for any riding enthusiast. Keep this video in mind the next time you see a motorcycle cop riding around.

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