No prep racing brawl
YouTube: Shade Tree HOONIGANS

No Prep Racing Event Erupts Into Brawl


If you needed a reminder on how heated racing can get, here you go. This insane brawl broke out between a large group of people at English Mountain Raceway, and it was beyond chaotic. Right as the video starts, it already jumps straight into yelling back and forth between the two teams. It's difficult to know exactly what is going on if you weren't there, but luckily Shade Tree Hoonigans uploaded another video following this that explained the situation further.

So, here's the story. Back in September 2019, there was a grudge race between a supercharged Corvette street car and a nitrous Mustang drag car for $1,000. Both the cars lined up and took off on the flashlight start. It was a very close race, until the Mustang had to pedal the car before he crossed the finish line. Because of that, the Corvette pulled ahead and took the win. Both teams had a large number of people on track and tempers began to flare. Normally during grudge racing, there's a good amount of trash talk, and sometimes it can go too far. The drivers of the race cars were not the cause of the fighting, however.

Once the first punch is thrown, nearly everyone in the large group begins to swing wildly. One of the guys that you can see doing a majority of the yelling at the start of the video actually gets knocked out and lands face first on the track. The fighting continues for quite some time before eventually calming down. Shortly after, the crowd began to disperse.


Following the crazy event, the Corvette driver did end up getting his money from the Mustang driver personally, and luckily it was a much calmer transaction. The track owner was not too pleased about the altercation, especially considering the children that were attending the races, and he stated that he hopes this never happens again. It's always best to just keep the fighting out of racing. Anyone can say something, but the objective at the drag strip is to let your cars do the talking.

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