mud bogging georgia red clay

Mud Bogging in Georgia Red Clay Looks Like a Blast


Yep, this is easily one of the most American things I've watched all week. What's better than a good challenge to see whose mud truck has what it takes to get across this deep hole? This Georgia red clay is no joke. It's one of the toughest terrains you can come across when it comes to off-roading. If you think your street-driven F-150 on 35-inch mud tires could handle this, think again. This is the kind of challenge that separates the boys from the men.

As you can tell from the video, over half of those that attempted to go across this mud hole couldn't even make it through the first section. That mud has a tendency to be extremely slick, and it becomes a serious battle for traction in a hurry. That's a huge reason why the trucks that were outfitted with tractor tires were the ones that were able to go the distance. That being said, you also need proper gearing and enough power to push through the mud. Hence, why pretty much all of these mud vehicles have a modified V8 under the hood.

I'll admit, these drivers are really doing everything in their power to push through, but that mud just wasn't cooperating for some. However, the star of the show had to be the lifted Tacoma with no headlights. Not only is he the first one to make it through the hole, but he does it with ease. Then, after multiple trucks try their luck to no avail, he comes back and does it again, and once again shows everyone how it's done.


You either love or hate Georgia red clay, but those that hate it are probably just upset because they got stuck. This looks like a dreamland if you're into mud bogging, and you have to respect the trucks that managed to get all the way through this muck. Seems like a perfect time to crack open another cold beer to celebrate!

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