Two NASCAR experts weigh in on where Kurt Busch will ride in 2018

Where will Kurt Busch end up?

That's a main point of discussion in the NASCAR world after Stewart-Haas racing announced it would not renew Busch's contract for next year -- but hopes to have him back.

Busch, however, says he has other options, and has noted that his crew has been "flustered" by the situation.

So Kenny Bruce and Zack Albert of have weighed in, and their crystal ball has come out with the same vision.

Bruce said, "He also has made the postseason every year since joining the organization. It's unlikely he could go somewhere else and be more competitive. He stays."

Albert was bit more measured. "Can't say with the same certainty that Busch returns to the SHR No. 41, but where else would he go?" He then added, "One possible landing spot: The No. 77 at Furniture Row Racing, where Busch gave the organization its first playoff spot in 2013."

In the last few days, Busch's comments have taken on a ever so slight edge, and in one case, noting the decision has left his crew "flustered." In this case, there are many ways of saying unhappy without using the word. The first indication of that came last week, when Busch, who won Daytona this year, made a point to note that he brings in a ton of sponsorship to a team that has had some serious sponsorship woes.

"It's a unique situation for our sport, though, to have a Daytona 500 champion -- who delivers eight figures in sponsorship money -- in a free agency situation," he said.

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But this weekend, he amped it up just s hit, making sure SHR knows he has a number of suitors.

"The phone didn't stop ringing all week, not just because it was my birthday," he told reporters, in remarks reported by "I'm looking for the best possible option to race a competitive car that's got a chance to win races, win poles and compete for a championship. There's different cars that are options for me, and Stewart-Haas is one of them...

But it's his remarks about his crew that, while measured, measures the frustration of all involved.

"The disruption of them not picking up my option, it gets the crew guys all flustered. Ford is very surprised by it. And so we've just got to stay focused, stay sharp. There's no reason to not think  that I couldn't be back here. It's just a matter of making it all work out. I'm not too worried about it."

He's right, there's no reason to be worried about it, because he's going to find a ride. But he's clearly keeping all of his options open (as he should).

 The news that SHR wouldn't renew his contract set the racing world abuzz last week. Busch is now a free agent, eligible to sign with another team.  There are reports the SHR and another of its drivers, Danica Patrick, are discussing whether to end her contract -- which runs through 2018 -- a year early because of a lack of sponsorship.

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His teammate, Kevin Harvick, who drives the No. 4, weighed in, and believes Busch will be back, driving his No. 41.

The sponsorship issue is a salient point. Monster, the energy drink company has been the primary sponsor of Busch's car the last two seasons and, according to NBC Sports, is weighing its future with NASCAR. So, that's up in the air.