Photo by Jeff Robinson/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Kurt Busch hints that Ford will make a move to match Chevy and Toyota next year

Over the past couple of seasons NASCAR has seen some of its manufacturers change the body of their cars.

In 2017 Toyota went to a new body style and Chevy will be debuting a new body this season. That leaves Ford as the odd-man out but Kurt Busch says a move from Ford is in the works for 2019.

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"With the way that the rules are I was surprised that we had a 2018 Camry racing in 2017 so that was a little bit of a surprise to start off last year." Busch said. "With the Camaro this year, Ford will get their chance but it's all part of the game behind the scenes."

The move for Ford would only make sense to fall in line with the competition, but as of now there have been no formal announcements for a new body style in 2019.