Jeffrey Earnhardt's hunting adventures continue, and this time he makes a catch in frigid weather

Since being let go by TMG Motorsports last month Jeffrey Earnhardt has had a little extra time on his hands.

He hasn't been able to partake in racing, so he's spending a lot more time pursuing another passion -- hunting. Earnhardt has been enjoying his love for the outdoors and he's been doing rather well at it.

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Last month he landed a pretty nice wild hog and a week or so later he nabbed more than a half-dozen ducks

On his latest adventure he battled the uncharacteristic cold of the southern portion of the country and snagged a few birds that aren't the easiest to land. According to Earnhardt he "scratched out a couple wood ducks" and that he did.

Wood ducks are very intelligent, making them difficult to hunt. Behind mallards, the wood duck is the second-most hunted duck in the U.S. With wood ducks it's all about timing and knowing when to take your shot. Apparently Earnhardt has that part figured out.