An unusual situation made Jeff Gordon nervous behind the wheel of his iconic 24

Jeff Gordon has just about seen it all behind the wheel of his iconic No. 24, but he recently revealed how an unusual situation made him nervous in the car.

Gordon is appearing in a Super Bowl commercial for Pepsi, and he is in the commercial with another driver. The other driver is behind the wheel of a DeLorean, and Gordon told For The Win that they wanted him to perform like a stunt driver for the commercial.

"I will say, I was a little bit nervous because they were pushing me to be a little bit more of a stunt driver in this scenario," Gordon said.

"'Oh, I need you to get closer to the DeLorean,' and 'I need you to step out at this place and accelerate and then slow down.' So that's certainly a little bit different than just driving a race car."

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Gordon said he enjoyed being behind the wheel of the 24 again -- even if it was only for a limited time. William Byron will take over the No. 24 in the Cup Series for 2018 after Chase Elliott left for the No. 9.

"So when I get the opportunity now to get behind the wheel -- whether it's for a photoshoot or a commercial like this -- it's fun," Gordon said. "It's exciting to feel that engine fire up and the power. And you know, it's one thing to go out and have to focus on being competitive each and every weekend when I was on the NASCAR circuit, but in this scenario, I get to have fun with something that I drove for years."

The commercial will air on Feb. 4 at some point during the Super Bowl, so we'll have to wait and see what made Gordon so nervous.