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Did Jeff Bezos Really Buy a $400M Yacht?


The Flying Fox is an eye-catching vessel to say the least. After this 136-meter Lürssen superyacht was delivered to the coast of Turkey in 2019, it left folks scratching their heads as to who actually owned it. Because of the fact that the new yacht was estimated to be worth $400 million, fingers were quick to point to the world's richest man: Amazon CEO and billionaire Jeff Bezos.

As the original Amazon founder, Bezos has a net worth over $200 billion, according to Forbes, so in all honesty, if he did actually purchase this mega yacht, it wouldn't be too much sweat off his back. Pics were posted online first by jewelry designer Loree Rodkin and journalist Yashar Ali.

However, tweets on social media noting that Bezos was the owner have since been deleted. According to Business Insider, an Amazon representative stated that the CEO did not own the yacht, and they had no information about who did. Regardless of who owns it, let's take a look at some details of this ridiculously expensive watercraft.


Flying Fox Superyacht

The Flying Fox is the 14th largest yacht in the world, and it's decked out with all kinds of goodies. The exterior was designed by Espen Oeino and the interior by Mark Berryman. It features two helipads capable of landing any sized helicopter, but that's only the beginning.

Looking past the giant helicopter pads, additionally you'll find amenities such as a 12-meter transverse swimming pool, a spa spread across two floors including a massage area, hammam, gym, and cryo sauna, large jacuzzi, and multiple dive spots if you're looking to jump into the sea. If you're looking to adventure off from the giant vessel, it also comes equipped with smaller watercrafts like jet skis, sea bobs, and more.

The vessel also comes with a crew of 54 people, and it allows 22 guests in 11 staterooms. In the main area, you'll find the two-deck saloon on the gorgeous bridge deck, with a wood fireplace and a dining room with a cinema. The whole yacht is powered by a massive engine producing 12,000 horsepower and capable of hitting a speed of 20 knots.

While it was anchored at the coast of Datca, the Turkish people did not fail to report its presence, but shortly after, the superyacht made its maiden voyage from Bremen to Stavanger. Even though it turned out that Bezos didn't own this thing, it is owned by one of the world's richest people, although the name has yet to be confirmed. With the coronavirus pandemic going on, I couldn't think of a better place to spend a Covid lockdown. Whoever owns this thing sure is living the life!


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