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This Gatling Gun Exhaust Makes for Sweet Motorcycle Mod


As with any of the different types of vehicle modifying, motorcycle mods typically serve any of three purposes: aesthetics, utility, or both. What we've got here is a motorcycle mod that mostly serves an aesthetic purpose, meaning it's just meant to look cool and make other bikers insanely jealous. But, you probably could've guessed that as you as you saw the phrase "gatling gun exhaust."

Sure, this technically is a working exhaust system, but it doesn't win any points for subtlety. Then again, subtlety never makes for much fun when it comes to motorcycles.

WATCH: Gatling Gun Motorcycle Exhaust

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Now, if having a gatling gun exhaust of your own just skyrocketed up your priority list after watching that video, then you're in luck, because Amazon has a few options to choose from. Take the Stealth Fighter from Tailgunner USA. With names like both Stealth Fighter and Tailgunner USA, it's probably safe to assume that these guys are pretty good at what they do, a.k.a. building exhaust systems that look like guns.

Tailgunner USA TU4FRC-2 15" Long Stealth Fighter

Built for easy installation on most bikes, from V-Twins and sport bikes to custom bikes, the 15" Stealth Fighter with a 4" diameter canister is a free-flowing muffler that churns out a deep, rumbling sound just like the one you heard in the video.


Can you imagine showing up to a motorcycle rally with a setup like this? It definitely brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "bring out the big guns."

Annpee Universal Stainless Steel Chrome Rotating Gatling Gun 1.5-2 Inlet Exhaust Muffler

This model is built out of anti-corrosive stainless steel and works great on everything from street/sport motorcycles to ATVs to scooters. With a length of 17.3 inches and a diameter of two inches, this thing was definitely made to turn heads.


This post was originally published on March 3, 2020.

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