Donald Trump Welcomes Champion Joey Logano to White House, Praises NASCAR Fans

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Donald Trump welcomed NASCAR champion Joey Logano -- and his race car -- to the White House.

Trump celebrated the 2018 NASCAR Cup Series Champion Tuesday on the South Lawn, along with team owner Roger Penske. With Logano's car parked nearby, Trump praised the driver and called it "one beautiful car."

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

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Trump also congratulated Penske and the team, saying he had known Penske a long time. He described NASCAR as a thrilling sport and called himself a fan.

"They're winners, right," said Trump. "The team is a winner and NASCAR is a winner."

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

Logano thanked his team and gave Trump one of his helmets and a small trophy.

Trump concluded the event by inviting the team and some members of Congress to tour the Lincoln bedroom.

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