Dale Earnhardt Jr. remembers how getting fired was the best thing to happen to him


Dale Earnhardt Jr. had to start at the bottom just like everyone else. When he was young, he was an express tech at his dad's dealership. He was no ordinary technician though, he was the best in all of North Carolina, according to himself of course. Junior claims he could change a car's oil in 8 minutes, as long as he was being paid on commission.

After a dispute about being clocked in for an after-work meeting, Junior was told by his manager to take a few days off. He knew Dale Sr. wouldn't let him go home, and, after calling him, tried to return to work.

His manager wasn't having it. He told him to pack up his tool box and go home for good.

Even Dale Sr. was surprised that the younger Earnhardt got fired, so he put him to work helping build his sister, Kelley's race cars.

The rest is history.

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