Jeff Gordon speaks out about his confrontation with Ryan Newman

Things got chippy between NASCAR legend turned analyst Jeff Gordon and Ryan Newman after last Sunday's race at Dover. Newman has just been eliminated from the playoffs, and called Gordon a "smart ass."

Now, Gordon says all is forgotten.

"After he and I had our little exchange and just the talk that we had even shortly after that, he had a lot on the line and he was doing everything that he needed to do to try to make it to the next round. So we laughed about it. It's all good," Gordon told

Here was the exchange:

At the start of the clip, Newman calls after Jeff Gordon about a comment he made. Apparently Gordon told him, "Thanks for the help," and Newman didn't like his tone and thought there was more to it.

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Gordon said he may handle things differently next time.

"You know, I've been known to bring a little drama to the sport," Gordon said, possibly referring to his infamous on-track brawl with Brad Keselowski and Kevin Harvick back in 2014. "I prefer the drivers do that themselves on the track. I probably from now on will just walk by a situation. I thought that's what I was doing, but didn't work out that way."