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Brad Keselowski made a reasoned comment, and he feels the reaction to it has been ‘strange’


When asked what, if anything, he would change about NASCAR, Brad Keselowski commented with a perfectly reasonable reply.

In the 24 hours since Keselowski said he would want the leader of the sport be at the racetrack every weekend, social media went berserk.

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NASCAR writer Jeff Gluck originally tweeted out Keselowski's response and it was met with tons of support from the NASCAR fan base.


It's no secret that Brian France, the CEO and chairman of NASCAR is often absent from events and people have voiced their displeasure with his handling of the organization. But the replies on Twitter in response to Kes's comment have brought the critics out from far and wide.

Keselowski tweeted that he's seen some negative feedback from the quote, but from what we've found on social media it's been met with an overwhelming amount of support.

It's uncertain as to what was so strange about the comment, but maybe it hit home because Keselowski said something that others wanted to, but didn't.