Aric Almirola sets a date for his return to NASCAR

Aric Almirola is steadily making his way to recovery, so that he can reunite with the track as the driver of the no. 43 car.

Almirola broke his back after a May 13th collision with Joey Logano lifted the rear end of the no. 43 car six-feet off the ground before slamming it and him back into the earth, resulting in an overnight stay in the hospital.

But Almirola is back home, and he's hopeful that he'll be able to make his way back on the track in New Hampshire on July 16. It'd be fantastic to see no. 43 return to the circuit after such a terrible injury. Almirola admitted that his recovery hasn't been easy, and patience has been the most important factor. Almirola said, in an interview with NBC sports,

"You want to start doing everything you used to do. I feel great standing here. I want to go up in the gym and I want to grab the 60-pound dumbbells and go sit down and start bench-pressing, but I can't do that. I feel like I could right now because there's no pain. I physically can't do that. The torque on my back, the load on my spine, I can't take that right now."

Hopefully the most eventful part of Almirola's return is a win. He definitely deserves it.

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