airbags blow at 140 mph
YouTube: GuitarmageddonZL1

This Camaro ZL1 Hits 140 MPH, and the Loud Exhaust Makes the Airbags Blow

Don't let the name fool you. YouTuber GuitarmageddonZL1 doesn't run a music channel, though judging from the video he put out back in 2017, the guy is an absolute rock star. Not to mention, his channel's description is pretty awesome in how short and to the point it is. "I have two ZL1's and my favorite color is red. My girlfriend can probably do a better burnout than you." Nailed it! But, anyway, enough of that. Let's dive into the aforementioned video.

His statement in the beginning of the video -- "It can never be loud enough" -- ends up getting the side airbags in his Chevy Camaro ZL1. Oops!

After installing a pair of diverters onto the the exhaust system of his car, the YouTuber, of course, took his new creation out for a spin. So, as you do when you want to cause permanent hearing loss to as many people as possible, he picked up his girlfriend and began assaulting both of their eardrums with something akin to a jet taking off in your backyard. Told you this dude was a rock star.

Now, overall, the results were mixed. The ZL1 sounded amazing, and, when viewed from a distance, had to be an incredible sight and sound to behold. Total experience for all the senses.

However, that would be short lived, because the car then tore itself apart in protest to the new noise by deploying its airbags. Apparently the new straight exhaust opening was placed right next to the airbag sensors. Again, oops! But, hey, it did make for a badass video, and that's all that matters.

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This post was originally published on May 6, 2017.

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