1600-hp sand car glamis sand dunes
YouTube: TheRidersChannel

1,600-HP Sand Car Rockets Down California Dunes



There's pretty much no better way to show up to California's Glamis sand dunes than with a 1,600-HP sandrail. This particular off-roader was built by Racer Engineering and driven by five-time off-road champion and legendary driver BJ Baldwin. He and his sand car won the 2015 Horse Power Wars, and it's easy to see why when you check out what it's capable of. When he puts his foot down in this monster, it looks at if it's moving earth itself, and an aggressive sound coming from the exhaust would be an understatement.

Sporting a turbo V8, this sandrail shoots massive rooster tails and pops its front wheels into the air, as if it were completely weightless. I'm not kidding either, the amount of time that this vehicle spends on only its back wheels is pretty mind-blowing. Then again, when you stuff a powerful race engine into a lightweight chassis, it only makes sense, especially considering the engine is placed in the rear of the car.

Not only do you see Baldwin tearing up the dunes, but the video also includes clips of famous internet icon Dan Bilzerian out there having fun. These sandrails float over massive whoops and jumps like it was nothing. As you'll notice, BJ practically takes down anything that he races against in this beast, and it's an absolute show watching him and his vehicle perform. Even as he holds wheelies, he still manages to pull ahead of the competition.


If you've never thought about owning a sandrail, let this prove why you need to get one. I mean, it really doesn't get much cooler than this. However, if you're looking to get into a car as powerful as this, you'll have to pay a pretty penny. Back when the video was posted, it was noted that this sandrail was currently for sale for $170K, but hey, who needs a house when you can own one of the fastest off-road race cars out there.

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