Volvo wants to make its cars “death proof” by 2020 and here’s what it’s doing to get there


Volvo is really banging up its cars - and for a good reason.

The Swedish automaker has a rather ambitious goal - make its cars death proof by 2020.

According to CNN Money, Volvo - as well as other automakers - are planning on using a number of new technologies to try to meet their goal, including adaptive cruise control, in which a car maintains a safe distance on its own; automatic lane keep assist, which makes sure a car stays in its lane; collision avoidance, which wants drivers of obstacles that could cause a crash; and pedestrian and large animal protection.

Additionally, Volvo is putting its cars through some strenuous crash testing, like the side rollover test  ...

... and the full frontal crash test

It's a lofty goal, but one we should all hope for.

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