This car hack can increase the range of your key fob's signal


If you're ever in a crowded parking lot at a game or concert and can't find your car, pressing the buttons on your key fob can help locate your vehicle.

But what if you're way off and can't remember where you parked, and your key fob is out of range and can't locate your car?

Well, the AutoBlog staff tested out a car hack theory about holding your key fob to your head to increase the range of the signal, and the results they found were very surprising.

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They found the furthest distance from where the signal reached, and then they moved out of range. Then, the person put the key fob to their head and voila! The key fob's signal actually worked again.

They didn't exactly test out how far the key fob would reach, but it's a really cool theory put to the test. The video is worth watching, and now it's time to go out and try it on my own car.

Or, you can just remember where you parked. Easier said than done though, right?

(h/t AutoBlog)