Richard Huxley has been driving the same 1957 Corvette for 47 years. He may not ride it in every day anymore, but when he does decide to take this classic car for a spin, the driving gloves go on, the top comes down, and it’s all about cruising the open road in style.

In an awesome video feature produced by the HeavyMetalConcepts YouTube channel, we get a brief look at what this sports car means to the 73-year-old Huxley, and, even though the ride is unrestored and not heavily modified, it’s about as one-of-a-kind as it gets.

Per HeavyMetalConcepts:

How rare is a fuel injected 1957 Corvette? In Richard Huxley’s C1 Corvette’s case, it is 1 of 1. In his hands for the last 47 years, his Vette is truly 1 of 1200 if you do the math, or 1 of 200 when you really whittle it down, but he’s made it his, and left it his.

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Who knows how much longer Huxley will drive this beaut for, but just listening to him talk about it makes it seem like he’ll be holding onto it for quite the foreseeable future.

“It’s an investment I suppose, of sorts, if I ever bring myself to part with it,” Huxley says in the video. “But that’s not anything to do with why I do anything to it. Any of the cars I have I do stuff for me. You don’t do it for, who you gonna sell it to next, or who gets it next, they can do what they want.”

Man, is this guy living the dream or what? So awesome.

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