I don’t care if it’s a completely restored model from the 1950s or a brand new C7 with all the bells and whistles: Pretty much any Corvette from any time period will draw in plenty of eyes the moment it arrives on the scene. In fact, I challenge you to mention a time that you saw a Vette driving by that DIDN’T get your full and undivided attention from entrance to exit. I mean, you could try telling me that I’m mistaken, but I wouldn’t believe you. Not for one second. Corvettes are simply meant to be seen by as many people as possible.

When it comes to the 1,500 horsepower Corvette in the above video, though, we’re talking a whole new level of “Look at me. I’m a big freakin’ deal.” This bad boy looks the part and definitely has the power to back it up. I know for a fact that most of you would damn near give yourself whiplash if you got the opportunity to watch that thing fly by on the highway.

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There’s not too much backstory to the video, other than that the driver’s name is Dave and he was on his way back from a car show. Also, the license plate let’s us know that Dave’s a real “JOKER.” Tell us a joke, Dave! Make us laugh!

His ride is definitely no joke though. Unless you find ridiculously souped-up sports cars funny. Which you very well might. It is 2019 after all. And, if that’s the case? Hell, then laugh away.

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